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“Call of Calligrapy: The Spirit”

15 April 2020 - 27 April 2020

Being held for the first time in 2019 within the activities of Graphics Department of Fine Arts Faculty at Hacettepe University by Banu Bulduk Türkmen as the curator, the second of international calligraphy exhibition "The Call of Calligraphy: The Spirit" meets the audience in Ahmet Göğüş Art Gallery on 15th-17th of April, 2020. The theme of the year for the exhibition that will be held with the participation of national and international participants has been determined as the spirit. We would be glad to see you in the exhibition in which artists transform their messages that are appropriate to the theme into pieces of art through their core.


Exhibition Curator

Assoc. Prof. Banu Bulduk Türkmen



Res. Assist. Güliz Boyraz

Res. Assist. Rukiye Derdiyok


Graphic Design

Assoc. Prof. Banu Bulduk Türkmen


Design Application

Assist. Prof. Seza Soyluçiçek

Res. Assist. Tuğba Dilek Kayabaş


Setting up The Exhibition and Distribution Team

Res. Assist. Cumhur Coşkun

Res. Assist. Mesut Usta

Res. Assist. Güliz Boyraz

Res. Assist. Rukiye Derdiyok

Res. Assist. Tuğba Dilek Kayabaş


Documentation Team

Res. Assist. Cumhur Coşkun

Res. Assist. Yalçın Demirkıran


Important Dates

15 April 2020 Wednesday: Opening / 18.00

15 April – 27 April 2020: Exhibition Dates


* This event is supported by Hacettepe University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit - Hacetepe Üniversitesi Bilimsel Araştrma Projeleri Koordinasyon Birimi (BAP). 


The artists are arranged in alphabetical order.

E-catalog will be published. 

International Calligraphy Exhibition
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