Bünyamin Kınacı

Borning in Niğde 1982, the artist Bünyamin Kınacı graduated from Ceramic and Tile department at Kütahya Dumlupınar University. He was in the workshops of valuable tile artists and worked over tile. He started Professional calligraphy works in İstanbul in 2008 and worked together with valuable artists. He works over genuine calligraphy art pieces in the fields of classic, modern and abstract calligraphy with Mehtap Kocaağa. He teaches calligraphy in his private studio and serves fort he art of calligraphy.

Participated Exhibitions: Workshop in the organization of Peace Ship by Ministry of Youth and Sports (Bosnia Herzigova, Crotia, Tunusia), Live Calligraphy performance in 2014 Unesco Organization (Paris, France), Calligraphy Workshop in ICWF Organization in 2015 (India), Calligraphy Workshop by Yunus Emre Institute (Zagreb, Crotia), Esma-ul Husna Exhibition 2016), Saray-ı Humayun Exhibition (2016), Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow Exhibtion (2017), International Calligraphist Exhibition (2017), We Are Numbers and Writing Exhibition (Personal Exhibition, 2018), International Anatolia University Calligraphy and Typography Workshop (2018), 1st International Calligraphy Exhibition (2019), Hacettepe University The Call of Calligraphy: The Sound Exhibition, International Anatolia University Calligraphy and Typography Workshop (2019), Necmettin Erbakan University Traditional Arts Online Exhibition (2020)