Dear Art Lovers,

Art is not only a form that establishes aesthetic values for societies but also provides toleration and goodness, without making discrimination among people, bearing positive externalities for societies.

Art inspires, art helps people be optimistic about their future and keep their hopes alive by enabling optimism to spread among them. The language of art and design is a way of communication by which troubles of humankind are shared, common issues are focused on and awareness is created. As long as mankind exists, there will certainly be art and the need of it.

Hacettepe University, being primarily a research university, with the education it provides in the light of universal values, will continue its journey as a lead university  ‘to Further… to the best..’ by contributing not only to scientific developments but also to the field of art and culture.

Today, we are holding the international Calligraphy exhibition for the faculty of fine arts graphic department on an online platform. We, as Hacettepe, know that we can overcome every kind of difficulty.

We regard the exhibition ‘Call of Calligraphy: The Spirit’ as an event that represents Hacettepe University’s spirit and power to overcome difficulties, for it is held on an online platform for our University to keep contributing to the art field, despite the adverse circumstances that affect the whole world. As we proudly celebrate 97thanniversary of our Republic today, we are taking one more step in live with our purpose of reaching contemporary civilization, which is a legacy left for us by our great leader, Veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. I dearly congratulate Assoc. prof Banu Bulduk Türkmen from our graphic department for organizing this exhibition and every dear artist for their contribution and participation in this exhibition and wish them a continued success.

It is indubitable that art is among the greatest factors that help you achieve great works and progress towards the objective ‘to Further… to the best...’ We will continue our contribution by encouraging works and events representing our University on the international arena, enabling hope and goodness to spread and enhancing cultural values of both our country and mankind.

Best regards.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit GÜRAN