An Assessment on Calligraphy Exhibitions

The development adventure from pictography, which is the most primitive stage of writing, to giving beautiful forms to letters by adhering to aesthetic values ​​and to the stage of plastic appreciation with contemporary pictorial norms, includes the transformation phase of calligraphy. Although the conceptual definition of calligraphy is a fine writing created with aesthetic concern, it can be expressed as a reflection of the artist's personality and original interpretation style in a way of expression, in brush and line features. "The original meaning of calligraphy is beautiful writing". In another definition, it can be defined as the art of beautiful and elegant writing by arranging the correct forms of the letters, the proportions and spaces between them according to certain rules. Although writing basically serves a functional purpose, it is also closely related to the stylistic developments of different branches of art. Therefore the contribution of calligraphy in turning writing into an art object is undeniable. The creation of artistic writing with aesthetic concern stands out as a feature, contrary to the fact that writing arises from the needs of human beings. Writing, whose basic function is communication, finds form with calligraphy, touches the soul, gains interpretation, becomes authentic and becomes voice. Thus, the concept of voice helps the sounds, the basis of letters, to meet with the aesthetic sensitivity and original interpretation skills of the artists. In 2019 the first international Calligraphy exhibition with the name ‘Call of Calligraphy: The Voice’ takes place. 

On the basis of calligraphy, letters, the system of the sounds in question, are used with forms that change and transform according to cultures. The way that different cultures shape letters, which are a visual expression of emotions, is also reflected in the cultural differences and letter formations. This exhibition has been enriched with the works of our artist who uses the Korean alphabet, our artist who uses the Persian language, and all our valuable invited artists who use the Latin alphabet, and by integrating the difference of sign strings with the art of calligraphy, the audience has been provided with a wide range.

Calligraphy can play both a formal and a semantic role. So much so that writing has become a tool used for self-expression. In this direction, in an environment where writing can go beyond its function, a theme that touches the soul of its audience and feeds on its artist has been thought of. With the theme of “Call of Calligraphy: The Spirit”, organized for the second time this year, it has been set out by transforming the sensory differences of the artists into a visual feast by bringing together with brush and ink. The artists were enabled to interpret the subject with their own calligraphic expression and to participate in the exhibition with the works they shaped on the basis of the concepts of essence and soul. I would like to thank our esteemed artists who participated in the exhibition with great devotion and enthusiasm, who submitted their works under the pandemic conditions we are going through, and who participated in the exhibition by conveying their moral support because I had to turn the exhibition into an exhibition that can be viewed on a digital platform. Without you, we could not have held this exhibition.

Therefore I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks first of all to our dear rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran, to dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the head of our department Prof. Nadire Şule Atılgan who provided me with full support, to the Graphic Department in Anatolian University’s Faculty of Fine Arts for being an inspiration with their calligraphy and typography exhibitions, to my exhibition team, to Asst. Prof. Seza Soyluçiçek, to Res. Assistants Güliz Boyraz, Rukiye Derdiyok, Dilek Kayabaş and finally to all of my valuable instructor friends for their contributions.

We hope to be face to face and always together at the 3rd International Calligraphy exhibition, Call of Calligraphy.

Best regards.