Dear Viewers,

Opening our exhibition in honour of our Republic, with its 97thanniversary on October 29, we would like to wish you a happy republic day and commemorate the great leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK and his comrades with mercy, gratitude and respect.

“The foundation of The Republic of Turkey is culture. Culture means to read, to comprehend, to be able to see, and to make sense of what you see, to think and to educate the mind.”
Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Today, where the computer eliminates the drawing and sketching made by hand; books and magazines become electronic, as the games children play on the street become history; we want to prove that the assumption that “printing or electronic typography should end the tradition of handwriting” is not true.

Having a long and clean tradition in the Middle East and East Asia, Calligraphy, with the help of Calligraphy masters performing their art in search of the right letter forms in order to convey more than what a language can bear, has been prepared to prove its existence in the exhibition"Call of Calligraphy: The Spirit".

Within the scope of fine handwriting art concept, we present you the writing serving not only as a means of information but also expression, as an academic pursuit. We believe that the works in this exhibition are worth examining in terms of cultural and personal approaches.

While conducting social and academic studies aimed at understanding and getting to know the world around us, we, as Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, reveal the chance; to look at issues from a different perspective, to learn new things while teaching, to motivate, and above all, to reveal valuable, enjoyable, foldable and entertaining ways of life. We hope to present it and help establish a productive norm in society through artistic methodologies.

Our traditional art and design exhibitions have goals such as understanding and recognizing oneself, looking at problems from different angles or branding, and creating public awareness. Goals such as making breakthrough technologies visible today are driving us forward. We, as Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts faculty members, know that science and art need to work as a team, although their methods are different.

While you are examining the forms formed by the search for consistency and harmony in each artist's individual work; we invite you to understand the character and potential of the object they use for writing, to recognize their problems and, consequently, to learn the means of expression.


Enjoy the show.


Prof. Dr. Nadire Şule ATILGAN
Faculty of Fine Arts