Cláudio Gil

Teacher, designer, artist and calligrapher.

Master in Design by ESDI-RJ, university professor, teaches art, design and calligraphy and lives in Rio de Janeiro. Self-taught calligrapher, he started his first investigations and essays in 2003 and has held more than 300 workshops since then. In the last years he researches paleography, writing, calligraphy and visual languages and works in schools, posters biennial, universities, events of art, design and calligraphy in Brazil, Latin America, Canada and Europe.

Its solid base obtained through practice and research allows it explore and extrapolate the limits of the classic. His work reaches many strands, always full of freshness, which has become a mark in his contemporary work. His productions have already been exhibited and published in several countries and many of his works are in collections of museums and cultural institutions around the world.