Abdullah Özdemir

He was born in 1991 in Erzurum. He get started on his writing career in 2012 with his master, Hasan Akmeşe. He received trainings from local writing artists such as Özdemir ŞENOVA and Bünyamin KINACI. He participated in the workshops of, the world famous calligraphers , Denis BROWN and Yves LETERME. He obtained from Fatih ÇELİK and his idol Şenol ÖZDEMİR various information and techniques. After received academic education from Erhan OLCAY at Küçük Çekmece Traditional Arts Academy, he started to teach Calligraphy course in his own workshops at Yazı Tükanı Calligraphy Training Workshop. He continues to Online Calligraphy courses.