Simon Silaidis

Born in Athens 1984. Simon takes the traditionally pen and paper calligraphy to open landscapes. His subsidiary love for letters, travels in all sorts of crazy places around the world to study calligraphy in its native environment is what gave him the vision and the initiative to explore and embrace a new aspect of Urban Calligraphy. Simon’s Urban Calligraphy adorn abandoned buildings in a way which creates harmony between the natural environment, artwork and the viewer. Highlights in his journey so far is the selection from the world’ s best known designer Philippe Starck to decorate with his calligraphy one of his most innovative buildings; Le Nuage (The cloud) ) a unique building with an inflatable membrane at Montpellier, France. Also the Adam Opel Calligraphy Campaign that Simon turns the new generation Opel Corsa into a “brush” and with the help of a stunt driver transforms the desert into a big Art Canvas.

As well as being a true artist, Simon specializes in software development and he is the CEO of AppGene, a Web/App Development agency.