Namık Kemal Sarıkavak

Mr. Sarıkavak was born in İstanbul, 1961. Since 1978, he had worked in many advertisement agencies and design offices. He graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Painting Teaching Programme, Department of Graphics, Animation atudio in 1983. He started working as a research asistant at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Applied Arts Field of Graphics in 1985. He recieved his master degree in 1988, by the thesis named “Airbrush Technology in Graphic Design, Posters Done by Airbrush Technique” and he became a lecturer in the same year. After he completed proficiency of art program in 1993 by the thesis named “Design Principals in Cultural Posters, Cultural Poster Studies”, he was assigned to academic staff as professor assistant in 2002. Finally, in 2012, he was assigned as Proffessor.

Sarıkavak had been instructing many lessons like Basic Art Education, Basic Graphics Education, Computer Based Design, Illustration and Graphics Studio since 1986; recently he has been intructing Drawing, Lettering, Calligraphy and Graphics Studio (Graduation Projects). Beside Hacettepe University, he gave lectures in both Başkent Atatürk Universities. He recieved 10 (first prizes and mentions) awards in the poster and stamp contests between 1986-1994. Afterwards, he recieved many awards from several fields of design and art. He has participated over 70 group exhibition adn 7 personal exhibition since 1987. Over 60 pieces of his essays and translational essays on poster design, book and cover design, graphic design and typography are published in many periodicals, including over 10 refereed journals. Sarıkavak has published 8 book since 1988, 5 of them that published after the year 2000 are currently in the market. He is stiil working as a lecturer in the same department.

Published Books:

1- Latin Abecesinin Evrimi, 1988, Çeviri-Derleme, BasımGrafik, Ankara.

2- Bilgisayarda Tipografi, Freehand 4.0, Bölüm: Metinle Çalışma, 1995, Çeviri-Derleme, MediaCat, Ankara.

3- Tipografinin Temelleri, 1997, Çeviri-Derleme, Doruk Yayınevi, Ankara.

4- Görsel İletişim ve Grafik Tasarımda Çağdaş Tipografinin Temelleri, 1. Baskı: 2004, 2. Baskı: 2009, 3. Baskı: 2013, Seçkin Yayınevi, Ankara.

5- Sayısal Tipografi 1; Basımcılık ve Yayıncılıkta Aygıt, Donanım ve Yazılım Teknolojisinin Gelişimi, 2005, Başkent Üniversitesi Yayınları, Ankara.

6- Sayısal Tipografi 2; Batı’da ve Ülkemizde Sayısal Harf/Font Tasarımcıları, 2005, Başkent Üni. Yayınları, Ankara.

7- Kaligrafik ve Tipografik Deneysel Tasarımlar, 1. Baskı: 2014, 2. Baskı: 2017, Hayalperest Yayınları, İstanbul.

8- Görsel İletişim ve Grafik Tasarımda Airbrush Teknolojisi, 2015, Hacettepe Üniversitesi Yayınları, Ankara.


1986, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Poster Competition about 400th Commemoration Year of Architect Sinan, Honorable Mention.
1986, Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Security, Poster Competition about Traffic -Improperly Passing- Winner.
1988, PTT General Directorate, Stamp Competition about 400th Year of Death of Architect Sinan, Winner.
1988, PTT General Directorate, Stamp Competition about Eurocept Transportation and Communication, Honorable Mention.
1990, Ministry of Culture, Poster Competition about Protection of Culture and Nature Assets, Third.
1991, Hacettepe University Council, Young Artist Encouragement Award and Art Success Certificate.
1992, Ministry of Culture, Presidency of Publications Office, Poster Competition about Books and Reading, Honorable Mention.
1993, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Poster Competition about 6th Adana Golden Boll Culture and Art Festival, Honorable Mention
1993, General Directorate of National Lottery, Poster Competition about Atatürk and Youth, Success Award and Two Honorable Mentions.
2007, Popular Science Magazine, Science of Fine Arts Graphics Department Encouragement Award.