Emran Abtahi

Emran Abtahi, a graphic designer born in 1987, from Iran, Gorgan, began his studies in graphic design in Gorgan and later graduated in graphic design in Sari in associate degree. He has been a design instructor at Iran Gallery since 2014 and worked in the field of portrait design and held his first exhibition in 2015. He held several solo and group exhibitions in that gallery. He has more than 10 years of experience in poster design, logo design, typography, portraiture and layout. In 2017, he designed the logo of the Women's World Chess Championship in Tehran. In 2020, he won first place in the Russian sterlka biennial.

Logo design for the Women's World Chess Championship 2017 Tehran, First prize of the Sterlka Biennal 2020 Russia, Selected by the 6th Moscow Poster Competition 2020 Russia, Finalist of the International Poster Competition ‘Posterrorism’ 2020 Indonesia, Selected by EntoKrakow Festival 2020 Poland, Selected by the Brno Biennale 2020 Czech Republic, Finalist of the world pattern Design Competition 2020 China, Selected by Forest City Festival 2019 China, Selected by the 3rd Posterland International Organ Donation poster competition 2019 Turkey, Invite and participate in the World Graphic Day exhibition 2020 Mexico, Participating poster exhibition from the trenches Spain 2020,Invite and participate the first international image meeting Jules Verne 2020 Mexico, Poster printing on the first Virtual Collective book of Peru ‘Miradas de Pandemia’ 2020, Participating in Vidak Innovation Exhibition 2020 South Korea, Finalist of the world After Poster Competition 2020 Usa, Finalist of the Beijing ink Design Beinnale 2020 China, Finalist of the Calanca Beinnale 2021 Switzerland, Finalist of the Fusion & Participation China Belgium International Poster Exhibition 2020, Participating poster exhibitions in Iran, Turkey, China, South Korea, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Russia.