Gisella Biondani

In her work Gisella Biondani balances the undefinedness of the watercolor with the essentiality of the calligraphic trait, a play of volumes that chase and complete each other giving life to a fresh and harmonious image.

Her vision starts from the precise shape of the whole and leads to the abstraction of the detail, entrusted to the fluidity of the color and the lightness of the trait. The calligraphic action is gestural, expressive; the meaning is hidden, it hints at the fluidity of the letters that run in the composition.

Trained as an illustrator and graphic designer, Gisella kept the rigor of composition and approached calligraphy and watercolor with her personal poetic interpretation.

Her spontaneous grace has deep artistic roots, perfected during years of study and experimentation.

She participated in two collective expositions, she was featured in two artistic  publications and is active teaching numerous workshops in Europe and the United States.